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Monday, December 23, 2013

Erwin - Story 1

„Haaaaah!“ Almost got it! Need to reach out more. I have it! Yay! My raspberry. 


Oh! Maybe I should share! Buuuut... I want eat all by myself. Share. Eat. Share. Eat. Shar-

“Ehm. Erwin?” What?! Unfamiliar voice! Danger? What’s Erwin?

Time passes, it’s still behind me. Not moving.

I turn. I shocked. It looks completely different. Different from everybody else here. It’s looking like me.

No claws or paws, but hands! Head smooth with hair only on top. Tall, standing on two. What is it?

Nobody here looks like one another. But everybody other than me has full haired body.

Oh no! Does it want my raspberry?! But it’s mine!

little Erwin holding her raspberry tightly

‘chuckles’ ”No need to look that scared.” It suddenly speaks.

Why is it holding hand in the air? 

“My name is Tarren,” What’s name? Is tarren like fox, rabbit, crow? Am I tarren? “It’s nice to meet you, Erwin.” It’s smiling.

“What’s erwin?” It looks confused. “And what’s tarren?”

“Ahhh...” Is it scratching it’s neck with it’s hand? “I see, that’s how is it. _ _  _ _ _ _! Look here, little one, Erwin and Tarren are our names. Names are what identify us from one another. My name is Tarren and yours Erwin.” What?

It’s smiling again. “You look pretty confused. But don’t worry, I’ll teach you, so you shall soon understand everything. Well, at least everything that everybody your age should understand.” It snarls. “By the way, who did you think you were, up till now?”

“They- they said they think that I am human.”

“Very well.” Why does it shakes his head up and down? What well? What does it want anyway. It says weird things. I should r-

“Erwin.” Uhn! “It’s not ‘it’, think of me as of Tarren, or Uncle. Don’t look that scared, I’ve just started reading your thoughts, but don’t worry, it’ll be only for a small amount of time. I just think that we need to get over this quick. By the way, you just squashed that raspberry of yours.” No! Oh no! I am gonna cry.
Tears in my eyes. 

“Here you go.” A raspberry in front of me. “Wipe your tears. There is no need to cry. Actually, it’s time to be happy! Today I am going to take you out of this isolated bubble planet and show you what life really is!” It’s smiling even bigger than before and pats my head. “It’s not it! It’s Tar-“


“Good girl!”

“Girl? What’s that?”

“Oh no!”


Uncle Tarren

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Vokiel, God of all living

Sex: male

Age: 1. part - 1 year, from 2. part to present - 8 year

Eye colour: blue-green (+ brown)

Hair colour: blond

Height: 188 cm (6' 2")

Home-planet: Solaris Regnum

  • King Halvar - father
  • Queen Ruth - mother
  • Dorok - brother
  • Grahum - brother
  • Slipr - brother
  • Joler - brother
  • Marama - sister
  • Pux - brother

Vokiel is the youngest of all of his siblings and therefore the most loved. He loves every living thing and he's enthused about everything new. He also likes exploring new places and travelling.
He has got power over life and death, and he can heal everyone and everything. He loves his family and he would do anything for them.

When he was little he didn't realise that his family does not work as it should. He was actually happy about that and he ignored it's flaws. He even envied their abilities, skills, freedom, determination, bravery, exceptionality and almost everything he didn't have.
Fortunately, he grew out of that and he managed to regulate this envy.

His pet and companion is Sokrel - half falcon and half eagle. It's an old and almost extinct race. Sokrel grows up with Vokiel and one day he will be bigger then him.

The first illustration of Vokiel by Hepis

Author: Erishika
Translator: Erishika

Monday, July 22, 2013

Two Birds Against The Storm: Ominous Wind

Chapter One: Ominous Wind

The sounds of explosions and the echoes of the soldiers' painful screams brought Sam back to reality. The reality that takes place in the battlefield where both of the Water region and the Fire region are fighting. The reality where He defends himself from his brother's spells. The painful reality that shocked all his senses trapping him in the cage of confusion. He could feel the anger flowing in his brother every time their eyes meet. 
"Let's not be hasty, we can talk this out Tobi!" screams Sam leaping out of a giant fire ball's range.
Tobi didn't respond, but he kept the spell casting going. 
"Calm down Tobi, why th-" Sam stops as he notices a white-as-snow haired guy standing  behind Tobi.
Sam's face expression changes as he pulls his swords rushing torwards him screaming,
"You.. you better have an explanation for this!!" 

-Few days ago-

It all started with a summon request to Tobi from Hinscream, the Fire region's King. Hinscream is a childish adult who is known for his greed and lust for power, and his firey-colored hair which makes him a perfect Fire region king.. or so he thinks. Also he's the opposite of his father who was -unlike every king that ruled the region of Fire- a persuader of peace. His father was famous for his great achievement, creating peace with the Earth nation hence ending their history of hate and fighting. So, Tobi answered Hinscream's request and headed for his palace; by the time he arrived to the palace's hall, Hinscream greeted him with a loud voice, 
"Right on time my brave soldier, I have a special mission for you today!"
"Make this quick." Tobi answers. staring right into Hinscrem's eyes.
Hinscream backs off for a little before he says "Actually, it's more like a personal request.. I'd like you to investigate about Earth region's new mercenary, I've heard that idiot Lark got his hand on a really powerful mer-"
Tobi cuts him saying "With all due respect your majesty, but your personal grudge against Earth region's King Lark is none of my business, I serve here for missions that benefit all of us."
Hinscream replies angrily "Psh, fine.. then I order you to kill him, that benefits all of us right?".
Tobi left the hall ignoring Hinscream's last sentence, thinking -in the same time- who might that mercenary be.

-Hours later-

"Eh?" Sam wakes up from his sleep upon hearing a voice. "I've been searching for you for like hours, and here you are sleeping on the grounds of the palace's garden!!" said Adele in a sharp tone.
"And there you spoiled my dream.." replies Sam.
"Anyway, why would the water region's young princess is personally looking for me?" mumbled Sam rolling his eyes.
Yes, Adele happens to be the youngest queen of the Water region. She has no siblings or parents, she lost them in the tragic war caused by the disease that invaded the planet long ago, almost at the same time as Sam. All she had was her grandfather, who took the responsibility of handling the country instead of her dead father. But time stole his life, leaving no one but her to rule the Water region.

"Because there is something important that I want to talk about with you." answered Adele crossing her arms.
"Then why the wait? let's go!" said Sam picking his scarf from the ground.

They moved into the palace's meeting room, where other commanders are waiting. Adele starts up a conversation "We've got an information resource regarding the Earth region, this spread around pretty quickly.. it seems that they have a new pawn, a powerful one as well." as she presents a poorly snapped picture and continues, "One of our spies managed to take a photo of him but he paid his life for in exchange... so-- HEY!" She turns her head to Sam, who snatched the picture from her hand as he said sarcastically, 
"Haha, look at that pose.. and a WHITE hair?! I thought earth is more suited to black or brown."
Adele took back the picture with a glare and explained the urgent need to avoid causing any trouble for the time being. Most of the present commanders didn't like the idea of not doing anything about it, but what can they do? they must follow the orders.

-Later in the same day-

The thing is that Sam and Tobi already planned on doing this together from the start. They both noticed how the Earth region relaxed a little bit on their attacks, and since both of them share information secretly between themselves, they know about the white-haired mysterious guy. So they decided to meet to clear things up, and with Sam holding all the information which the Water region's spies gather, sneaking through the Earth lands and mountains became much easier through undiscovered caves and abandoned travel routes.

The long journey to the Earth region ends quickly as Sam and Tobi meet at the promised location. They both stare each other for a moment before they enter a cave which happens to lead to some sort of underground route.
Quietly, Sam and Tobi walked though the route, the only things that is heard is their footsteps, Sam cuts of the silence and says, "Hey, what do you think of whitey?"
"whitey?" Tobi replies.
"Yeah, the new guy." Sam giggled, "Hah, whitey."
"Brother, this is a serious matter.. don't take this lightly." said Tobi in a serious tone.
"Oh come on, isn't this fun?"
"As long as we get rid of whitey we're all done, that's it!"
Tobi was about to answer him, but when he turned his face, he was in a completely different location. Tobi froze for a moment as he tried to understand what just happened. He kept darting his eyes around the place looking for an enemy, but his eyes stopped as he heard a step behind him. He took a step back while turning to where the step was located and noticed a glowing white-haired guy saying "Whitey? There is a limit for lameness, but that exceeded it.. Seriously..?"
"People have names, and mine is Sai.. it's nice to meet you, magician Tobi." Smirked Sai.
Without any delay, Tobi faintly jumps forward stretching his right hand towards Sai's face unleashing a powerful explosion. But his eyes widened as he saw nobody in front of him; He quickly turns back and stretches his left hand preparing to launch another attack, but gets shocked as he sees Hinscream laughing loudly.
He paused and blinked his eyes few times before screaming, "Why?"
Suddenly, Hinscream faded as Sai appeared behind him and said, "Did you like it?"
Tobi replies angrily, "Illusions.."
"Congrats, you're the fastest person who figures it out!" Sai claps.
"Then, why siding with the Earth region, traitor?" Said Tobi.
"Ohh, you're smart.. not surprising.."
Tobi lowers his hand as he says, "No Earth magician can generate illusions.. it's Wind magician's specialty, so why?"
"Details.. details, who cares about them? Anyway check this out!"
Sai snaps his finger creating a sphere in mid-air.
"Cool huh?"
Tobi clinched his teeth.
"You intended things to go THIS far?!"

The sphere was a window to a battle field, a battle field where both Fire and Water region are fighting, a field where Sam was forced to slay through Fire region's soldiers to survive.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Where could he be? The whole family is looking for him. And even though they still can’t find him.
“Hero, where are you?” dad calls.

“Don’t be scared and show us yourself.” tries mom.

But the tomcat knows this tone, in which they are calling him, very well. That tone, when someone wants to do to you something that you dislike, and try to make you come to them. Exactly in this tone they were calling him – mom, dad and two children.

“Helooo!” shouts small Jane.

“Come on, kitty!” comes from Thomas.

“Hero, come to us.” says dad.

“Oh boy, we probably won’t find him.” mom sighs.

“Don’t worry, honey, I am sure he will show up every minute.” dad comforts her
“Kitty, kitty!” Jane still runs around.

“And why are we looking for him?” asks Thomas.

“Because he needs a bath, he’s had once again rolled around in some dirt and now he’s horribly dirty!”
 Explained his parents before they all had went back to looking for their cat.

And behold, a while later they finally found Hero! He was hiding behind the kitchen cabinets! Mom found him when she was going to prepare some food for her hungry children.

You can be sure that they immediately grabbed him and ran with him to the bathroom. They didn’t even give him some to defend himself, and before he knew, Hero was already in the water! Of course, he tried to get out and scrape, but mom and dad were adamant and skilful. Together they washed the tomcat and got all of the dirt off him. Even though it probably won’t stay like this for a long time....

“See, it wasn’t that bad in the end, right?” Thomas whispers to Hero, as he holds him while the cat is still shaking, wrapped in a towel in his hands.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Rabbit And the Fox

"I can't sleep, Witty!", I sat on my bed whining and frowning on my butler Wittson. An elderly man in a butler suit quickly but silently approaches me.
"Is there any problem, Milady?",  he asked. I looked at him and thought that when I sit like this on my bed he doesn't seem that tall.
"I said I can't sleep!", I repeated.
"May I turn off the night lamp, Milady?, he said, almost touching the switch..
"N-no!.. I mean, I do not mind the light. I could fall asleep even in a brighter light than this one. ", I can't possibly reveal my weakness against the absolute darkness.
"My apologies, Milady. Is there something else the princess wishes for?", he continues with his questions.
"Mhmm.. I got it!", I blurted out. "Tell me a story until I fall asleep."
"B-but Milady. I do not know any story.", he looked at me in confusion.
"What are you for a servant when you cannot do it! Any story will do, Witty! I demand you to tell me stories until I fall asleep!", I looked at him with an angry expression.
"Y-yes Milady!" he faltered as he looked on the left and right side, maybe he is looking for inspiration?
"What should the story be about?"
"Anything will do."
"Ah... uhm... One day, in the evening.. I mean. One day in late evening hours a rabbit went for a walk. Suddenly a fox appeared in front of him. The rabbit got scared and thought of running away but the fox approached him, saying: "Calm down, rabbit. I want to be your friend, I will not harm you.", as she continued with the sweet talk that soon the rabbit fell into her trap. Day by day the rabbit became a closer friend of the fox.".. he paused and checked if I have fallen asleep.
"Continue.", I assured him that I am still wide awake.
He nodded and continued.."So... One day the fox invited the rabbit for a lunch. The rabbit agreed and dressed in his finest suit, reached fox's house. The fox gave the rabbit a warm welcome and offered him his favourite food, the carrot juice. But even after the juice the rabbit was still hungry so he asked the fox: "My friend, has the lunch not been cooked yet?". The fox smiled and replied: " Mine is ready because I can have raw lunch." and with these words the fox pounced on the rabbit and ate him up."
"Haha!" I laughed.
"Is this an appropriate story to tell before going to bed?"
"Oh, you did not like it?" he said with a sad expression.
"Oh no, I liked it, bit you really don't know how to tell a story"
"Indeed, I truly am bad at this." he replied with a slight smile.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Tale of Suns II. – Golden Heart

The boy is nervously shaking in the bed and up tightly watching the door. He waited for all the day for the continuation of yesterday’s fairy-tale, and now, in every moment, his governess will come and finally tell him the rest of the story. Yes! The doors slowly opened and she came in.
“Hurry! Hurry,” he called as he was eagerly hopping. “You promised me the continuation!”
“All right! All right! Just let me catch a breath,” she laughed and sat down next to the boy on a bed.
“Last time I told you about how one sun was created, right? Now I will tell you the story about the second one.”
“It happened that long time ago, when you and your siblings weren’t even born. The people who got to know about what Halvar did and voted him their new king – The King of Kings, which was his given name. He was given a kingdom and because he was very wise, even the other rulers were asking for his advice. He had to prove that he is also strong enough few times, because the kings from other distant kingdoms didn’t believe in miracles. It took a while, but in the end he gained the same respect as he has now. But he still was missing something,”
 “Do you know what it was?” the governess asked.
“Um,” he pondered. “The Queen!” he blurted and lit up.
“Yes, you are right. But to find a fitting wife wasn’t an easy task, King Halvar looked everywhere, among princesses, among noble ladies and even among ordinary town girls. None of them was as what he wished for, he loved neither of them.”
One time he was sitting in the garden bellow the castle while looking at the sky. It seemed hot, but not as hot as it is now. He himself noticed that it would be better if the sun heated more, but no matter how many times he tried, it didn’t happen. And then the loveable voice, which first adviced him, that only one blood drop is enough, spoke again. It said, that if he sheds his blood again, the next sun will be created and so will the women of his heart.”
“Was it mom?” the boy jumped in her speaking.
“Of course!” his governess laughed and stroked his head. “King Halvar didn’t hesitate; the blood fell on the ground and as before with the first sun, from the ground like from a sunlight a beautiful flower grew. It took a shape of woman, and after the sunlight came off, a beautiful young woman stood there, with a brown hair and golden eyes. And she was wearing the most beautiful dress that the king Halvar ever seen,” she paused. “She still wears them on festivals sometimes,” she added.
“The golden ones?” the boy asked.
“Exactly! She just stood there for a while, and then she smiled as only she can, and they both knew that they are meant to be together. In the moment the king kissed her, and the other sun was created.
And from that time there are two suns in our sky that orbit our planet together.” 

Author: Erishika
Translator: Envy

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Tale of Suns I. – A Blood Drop

- and they lived happily ever after,“ the governess ended the tale and straightened.
One more!“ pleaded the small boy as he was flapping his tiny legs.
No, it’s too late! You should go to sleep,“ she said with a calm voice and covered him with a blanket.
But I won’t fall asleep otherwise,“ the boy frowned.
All right then, but this is the last one,“ she smiled, bitter her lip and then she slowly started telling the tale. 
Long long time ago this planet had only one sun and it was slowly fading away, before it disappeared for all. The world fell into darkness and it started to be horribly cold. People panicked, ran, rebelled and called for the Almightyone. But before the sun fade away, it send here one last ray. This ray travelled a long way here and then it was finding a place where it should land.
It landed on young boy, just a little older than you! This absolutely last ray of sunlight carried power of the whole sun and that young man absorbed it all. His eyes started glowing and then they were blue again. But that was all, nothing happened. He did not know how to control this power. That's why he decided to go around the world and see that horror. He came here - on this hill, where this castle stands now and he looked at the sky.
There was no sun and almost no stars. The world rushed to perdition and he knows that,“ she said mysteriously and the boy straightened up.
What happened then?” he asked with a fear in his voice.
How do you think it ended?” she laughed. “When you look up to the sky, what do you see?”
Suns!” he said and his eyes sparkled with happiness.
Yes, this man with blond hair told himself that he have to do something with that. He started with yelling at the sky. Do you know why did he do that?”
No,” he confessed.
He bargained with Almightyone. At first it was anger then he was bargaining, cried and then he understand that Almighty won't help him. And so he took a dagger which had been laying on a stone behind him. He hoped that maybe if he sacrifice himself, he will set free that last ray of sunshine and the sun will come back.
Fortunately something stopped him. It was a kind voice saying that he don't have to sacrifice his life, that it can be just a drop of his blood. So he spilled his blood. For a second nothing happened, but after that like a shining flower the ray of sunlight grew up to the sky. And that young man could just by using his mind, his courage and the drop of a blood create a new sun. And do you know how was he called?” she asked quietly. The boy shook his head.
His name's Halvar – your father and our king,” she smiled at him and stood up. “And now – goodnight!”
Wait! But we have two suns! And he created just one sun, didn't he?” he protested.
Yes, and I will tell you about it tomorrow. Now goodnight,” she said and blew out the candles.


Location: Planet Solaris Regnum

Author: Erishika
Translator: Envy and Erishika

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

62 Nights of Fairy-Tales

What is it about?

Frankly it is about writing fairy-tales during summer. DS founder Envy likes reading and writing fairy-tales (thou she is not that good at it, but it’ll come with time…), and so she thought how awesome it would be, to be able to read so many new fairy-tales during summer. And so she decided to make this event, named 62 Nights of Fairy-Tales, in which, hopefully, more people will participate and write fairy-tales.


Fairy-tales about dragons, princesses, normal people, modern fairy-tales, fairy-tales about smart and dumb people, adventure fairy-tales, fairy-tales for adults, fairy-tales like those from Grimms or Andersen. So many types and genders of fairy-tales to write in, just to choose!
Upon a request from U.N.Owen it’s also possible to write myths.

What do I need to participate?

Imagination, mood to write. Pen/pencil, paper, keyboard. Whatever you like.
We’d like you to send us your fairy-tales too!

More info:

Fairy-tales can, but not necessary, take place in the Dreamer’s Ship universe.
The start of this event is on 30th June 2013 and end with 30th August 2013.
Fairy-tales don’t have to be intended only for children, everybody can read fairy-tales. And also everybody can write fairy-tales, it doesn’t depend on age or not having past experience with writing fairy-tales/stories.

Tip: You can also write about your otp telling fairy-tales to their kids.

 We are looking forward to your participation! Dreamer’s Ship team

Author: Dreamer's Ship team

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hi, my name is Alchemy.

As you can observe from my name, I go to chemistry school – specifically Masaryk Secondary School of Chemistry. I like it and I'm also good at it. They've said that we will work with mutagenic substances one day... I wonder what I will be like after all this :-))

In this project I have role as writer and illustrator. I've started because of Envy and I don't regret it :D
I'm friendly, reliable, sensitive and perceptive... just „old good willow“. I'm also a „natural type“ of human. I love horses and cats. I'm also fascinated by mythical creatures.
I've got two cats – Mates and Nela – and I don't know what I would do without them. I love talking to them and (although it's hard to believe) we understand each other. I'm a big supporter of nature and I hate when somebody is hurting it. In that moment I'm capable of kicking them to the balls. XD

Okay, that was austere description of my (weird) character. Now let's move to hobbies. Reading! I can't be without book longer than two weeks. My favourite types of books are adventurous and detective. I also love when writer has a lot of imagination so I won't despise the fantasy books. I play the guitar (but just a little bit). I love to draw! I'm really good at drawing animal heads. I can't draw feet or people. If you want me to draw something, I'm at your service and I will try to satisfy you.
I hope we will understand each other and we will find something to talk about. :-)

Author: Alchemy
Translator: Erishika

Friday, April 26, 2013

Universe and planets

Universe and planets

Everything is happening in one universe but on many different planets that participants create, and which are gathered into galaxies. Each member should create at least one planet and describe it; you can also add an illustration of it. Ideal would be, if someone is that creative and make two and more planets where stories can take places. When I say “describe”, I mean describe. That contains waters, lands and their types (desert, mountains, hills, forests, ice lands, etc…). Also animals and flora, that lives and grows there, and how they look.

If some of you wonder why a detailed description is need, please take in mind that your planet might be used by someone else in their stories (of course, if you don’t want anyone else to use your planet, because you have plans with it, you can say it).

You choose the currency on your planet. For example if you want to use money, or exchange things for another things.

This is part of Project introduction.

Author: Envy
Translator: Envy

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Exchanged Eye: 2 ✖ Childish decision

Written by: SHANA
Circle: Dreamer’s ship
Original: The hidden stories of Phantasium: Exchanged eye
Title: 2 ✖ Childish decision

I slowly opened the doors and tried not to attract the attention of the servants. Yes, they tend to appear out of nowhere because they are spellbound. Well, they aren’t even a real thing, they are just some fume dolls that act like they are all alive and stuff but they are just a blue smoke in a human appearance.
‘Welcome back, miss.’ The whole maid staff appeared out of blue. There it goes. The blue smoke army. Kinda funny because they seem so real but I am still interacting with a vivid smoke.
‘Miss Elin is waiting for you in the dining room.‘
‘Oh well, is she?’ I said anxiously and went through a maid while heading for the dining room. She just disappeared with a cloud of blue smoke. 
Oh right, I have forgotten about my morning magic class. I don’t want to deal with my sister right now...

... Too long... damn stairs.

‘Elin!’ I called my sister as I was opening the heavy doors.
‘Oh my! Is that you, my little sister? I was wondering whether something happened to you or not.’ She smiled and put the cup of tea back on the table. Sooo fake. The fake smile of her makes me want to punch her. I lifted up her cup with my poor magic ability and was about to spill the tea on her, however she noticed my little spell and with her hand raised she repelled the cup very fast and it hit the wall behind me. The poor cup broke into small pieces.
‘You just came back and already made such a mess. What am I going to do with you? You won’t make a thing with your low-level magic, Lithi, and it won’t get any better if you do not attend your magic classes. You were skipping the school but now even the homeschooling? How can you even consider yourself as a daughter of the greatest magician in this kingdom?’ She grinned but the expression changed immediately into a deadly serious (and also scary) face. ‘You are the second daughter of the Millenium family. Behave like you are one and stop being so loutish.’
‘Oh then sorry if I have ever hurt you with my inexperience in magic but I think it’s my problem not yours!’ I replied with a weak argument and turned my back. I know it. Hell, I DO know it. I just don’t want to use it. Magic. I hate it.
‘It is my business as I am your older sister! Stop being such a spoiled child, would you? Anyways, you have a lesson before dinner. Make sure to attend it.’ She said coldly with her superior voice and walked off the room.
Tired, I went to my room and locked myself in. Magic here, magic there, nobody cares about it anyways, so why do I have to be the best in it? Argh! It’s irritating! I threw myself in bed and planned to wait for the next magic classes. Then an idea popped in my mind. The book which I read today... could it be real? If it isn’t only a mere legend, if it is real then I could get the eye and have the void magic all for myself...  My sister would finally shut up... I want it. I’ll do it. Childish, I know. But what? I am only 14.
There’s one place to find out whether the story is real or not and there’s no way I would attend the magic class... right?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Planet Daschnen

Location: Krametos (Galaxy 7)

Number of moons: 2 – Fuchtu and Blecht (Fuchtu is covered with garbage and Blecht is a ball of rubbish)

The heat source:
The star Kóten and the star Lisk; its orbit looks like number 8 because it's orbiting both stars.

Daschnen has been bought by Mud Inc. and they've hired all Daschnens as space dustmen. The swamps changed to incinerators, dumps, factories, power plants and technical schools. But that did not make the planet more beautiful.

The life condition:
For most species is radiation extremely deadly, air is moist and hot, the food is inedible (someone can't even manage to handle the view of it), there is highly contaminated water and the inhabitants of the planet are very unfriendly, so Daschnens do not have many visits.

The whole planet is full of swamps and mud (somewhere is even some wet ground), therefore all of the buildings, roads and machines are on the metal structures. In the northern hemisphere is so much garbage that you can walk on it, even though it was thrown into the swamp water.

There are a lot of muddy ponds, swamps and bogs but no clean water.

Biosphere (fauna and flora):
In the “water” there live thousands of odd species of fish, snakes and mutant crocodiles. These poor creatures are full of diseases such as leprosy, tumours infections, anaemia cancers, osteoporosis and various kind of poisoning.

Daschnens are very unfriendly nation. They do not talk much (sometimes even among themselves) and they are very ugly, perhaps because they have completely polluted planet or maybe because until Year Zero they lived in swamps and they fed themselves on local creatures.
Those with the worst work look like if their every single cell had a cancer (only who works in factories, furnaces and especially in the vicinity of nuclear power plants) while teachers and waste carriers look just like a blob of slime. Dachnens are very depressed and sarcastic creatures, they've never liked anything and they never will.

Author: Erishika
Translator: Erishika

Friday, February 22, 2013

Planet ♪♫♪

Planet ♪♫♪

Location: Spirils (Galaxy 4)

Number of moons: 2

The heat source: 4 Suns

The planet is well known for large number of music bars, cabarets, clubs, concert halls and restaurants or cafés with live music.

There are few beaches but it's mostly just cities with buildings.

There are warm, clean and salty seas.

The original inhabitants have perfect vocal cords, they sing really beautifully, they love music and they are also good dancers, that's why they built so many music related buildings.
The most famous singer is Lucille – her singing can stun everyone. She is very pretty, she has got big blue eyes and hazel coloured hair, in which she wears a blue rose. To get tickets to her performance is extra difficult.

Author: Erishika
Translator: Erishika

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Exchanged Eye: 1 ✖ Stolen eye

Written by: SHANA
Circle: Dreamer’s ship
Original: The hidden stories of Phantasium: Exchanged eye
Title: 1 ✖ Stolen eye

‘I am running! I am running!’ I reacted, running as fast as I could while breathing heavily.
‘Use magic or something! Get us out of this! You can do magic or?’
‘Magic?’ I hesitated.  Right, I have never been good in any kind of magic or sorcery. All of the magic which I have ever practiced never went smoothly and I would somehow always hurt myself. So I wasn’t using them so frequently and I didn’t really need them in my whole life... until now. The situation which I am in right now requires much higher level of magic or even a miracle. Unluckily I am on the brink of death running away from lava. And that lava has appeared out of blue in an abandoned house. Why the heck lava? Why not something slower? For example flying furniture or any kind of a trap, which could easily be escaped from. It is not like I am stating that flying furniture can’t be any faster than this, but seriously, what kind of a trap is this? And this corridor is infinite! Is there no exit out of this cursed house?

‘Use ice or wind to stop it! Stop the lava! Hurry up!’
‘Shut up stupid rabbit! I am thinking of some!’ I screamed and tried to think of some ice magic. What am I supposed to do now? I am still too young to die. To be burnt in hot lava! Damn! Just think about ice, it might work, Lith, I prompted myself. Ice, please work for once. ‘ICE!’ I cried, also fully concentrated as much as my mind allowed me to do so while running. A sudden chill went through my whole body as I felt the cool air under my feet. I lost the balance. The floor changed into an icy mirror which caused the painful fall afterwards. No way!
‘Ahhhhh!’ we screamed while I was gliding the icy floor on my butt. I am doomed!


3 days earlier

24, 25... 26, 27, 28... I don’t remember myself being so bored that I have to count falling leaves above my head. With a long sigh I grabbed a book next to me which I randomly chose in the library this morning. With difficulty I opened the book in the middle and the title already got my attention.

Alchemist’s eye

The eye owned by Leander Dragos, also referred as Leviathan who was the greatest alchemist during the Shoten Era.

‘Was the Shoten Era before the great War or after?’ I mumbled and had to imaginary hit my head for my lack of knowledge in history.

He was the court alchemist after winning the competition of making the best crown for the Queen. But after few incidents, queen’s infidelity to her husband with Leviathan had been found out. The queen wasn’t able to defend him and thus Leviathan was thrown out from the kingdom. But instead of leaving the country, Leviathan had locked himself in a hidden room in the castle and had slowly planned the revenge. No one had ever heard of him since then and many years had passed away. Once he appeared again during the night time and killed the king unmercifully. He spared the queen, telling her that she deserved something worse. ‘I ought to kill you for your betrayal but I shall take your eyes, the most beautiful thing you owe instead of your worthless life.’ Then he took both of her eyes as she painfully cried the bloody tears.

‘Now I am not sure... he spared her? By taking her eyes out? Oh how merciful.’

After this he left the kingdom and moved into a small village, which was far away from the kingdom, where he lived in an abandoned house. He modified both eyes but only one eye managed to endure all the experiments. He stored it as the dearest thing he ever had. It is told that the eye is a case which holds the void magic.

‘What a thing to put in a stolen eye.’ I told myself. Who would believe this? The last void magician died many centuries ago! Void magic doesn’t exist. And there’s no such thing as a “void magic box”. Annoyed by the weird book full of legends and stories I slowly got up and went back to castle. Yes I am a princess of the kingdom Millenium. But unluckily I don’t have someone like court alchemist.

Planet Phantasium

Location: Galaxy Spiritus Portus

Number of moons: 2 natural satellites - Vert (green and blue - made of malachite and copper, closer to the planet, circulation time lasts 64 days), Rogue (smaller than Vert, light red to pink colour - mainly MgCl2, circulates the planet in 32 days).

The source of heat: The core of the planet/nothing (closest hot star - 2 450 000 000 km away)

General: Phantasium is a solid planet with a radius of 4200 km, tinted orange (almost red) due to the presence of iron oxide and non-green plants.

Living conditions: The core of the planet releases heat so the planet maintains its constant temperature of 22-25°C. The presence of oxygen - honeysphere (more in climate).

Geography: The planet is 3/4 made of mainland, mostly floral field. The rest of the planet is surrounded by one huge lake with fresh water. Half of the planet has been destroyed by the war and now there is a big source of coal and other minerals (= dark red colour of the planet).

Hydrology: on Phantasium there's a large and deep lake Dawn. The planet has many rivers flowing from the mountains. All the rivers flow into the big lake. The water cycle doesn't exist.

Biosphere (fauna and flora): There are only few species of mammals. The landscape is covered with red grass and wild plants. There is no green colour due to lack of light for chloroplasts thus there are only other pigments such as phycoerythrin (red) and carotene (orange). Occasionally deducious forest and fruit trees occur.

Climate: Thanks to the core of the planet, the climate has the long-term temperature (22-25°C). The weather is stable, it's not raining nor snowing thus the season does not exist (only contingent warm breeze which is caused by the release of heat energy from the planet's core). The planet is covered with a thin layer of honeysphere which produces oxygen and protects the planet from cosmic rays.

Civilisation: On Phantasium there are two groups of people. The first group with higher status can control magic, and the second one can't manipulate with magic. These two groups live together peacefully.
There is Millenium Kingdom with king Rocher (magician) and his wife queen Shimia (human).

Other: The light source is very weak therefore the time can be recognised just by the two moons. Days and nights are not different from each other. The gravity of Phantasium is slightly smaller than Earth's and the planet does not rotate.

 queen Shimia
 and her butler (© Vivi Sector)
 and king's maid

Author: SHANA